James Blunt Alright Tonight Lyrics

Artist: James Blunt
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If you want to you can stick around cause its alright tonight
She said
I will stay will you cause your alright tonight
And I thought that things would turn
Am away cause she's alright tonight

Do you want this one night stand
Lets take a risk go play in the sand
You can leave that ring on your finger
I'm a sinner
Your the winnerI am to

We made out now
We made up yeah
We made love for the world cup yeah
I said I want things ive never had before
She said alright tonight.
So we entered heaven to accept our fate and to
sum it up baby
It was great yeah.
Its not often that I see the light but its alright
Its alright


Here she comes again now X2
Here we go again now

Do you want this one night stand (all right all right)
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