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I used to walk, I used to wander down these roads
searching for a place that I could call my home
but I never seemed to find anywhere I didn't leave behind
I packed my things, followed the wind
adding distance to the places I had been
the air was warm but I was cold within

I walked for miles until I came across a southern bell who lead me to a town
where people hung around for their whole life
it was the perfect place but somehow I just didn't feel at home
so I left before the sun came up at dawn
but it was cold so I caught a cab, when I told him to go anywhere he laughed
then what he said I'll never forget

He said "Son you've got to understand
happiness has never been a place that you could go
it's the people that you know
I could take you further East or West
but I don't think you'll rest until you go
back to the ones who truly make a place a home"

Take me home, that's where I wanna go
so take me home, yes sir I wanna go home

I realize taking this walk down memory lane
the best advice I ever got was on that day
I owe my life and everything to a stranger
I don't even know his name

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