Jamie Foxx - Intuition Interlude Lyrics

Artist: Jamie Foxx Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Intuition (Bonus Track version)
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Shorty like a precious jewel
I'll take care of you
You can put your heart right in my hands oh
Baby your like the rarest flower
I'll make sure you bloom
Baby just imagine if I wash your man oh
Baby I pray to you
Breakfast in the bed and every night I'd sing to you
No matter what it is before you sleep I'll have you saying
Oh, how did he know just what to do
Like a radio I'm tuned into your soul
Oh oh if, if it was up to me
You know I'd fill u up with love and make it flow like water
Stars at the sky, I'll place 'em in your eye
Oh since I was a young player talking to the ladies
I just know
It's just my intuition
(i know what you like, shorty how you like it)
I know if it possess you
I know what you feel, you cant even fight it
Its just my intuition
I know your every wish
Shorty let me in your life and watch me put it down

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