Jamie Foxx - Miss You Lyrics

Artist: Jamie Foxx Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Peep This
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finally there is a chance foe me to tell you how i feel about you
you know that it isnt love, im willing to hold you tight
but your not with me noooooooooo no no no

i miss i miss
now after everything is said and done
i find it kinda strange im not the one
no need for the sumpate cause i can hold my own
sometimes it gets to me to know that im all alone
im going to miss you
im really going to miss you(you know that im going to miss)
im really going to miss
ill miss your love
im really going to miss u (you'll know ill miss your love)
you know ill miss your love

im trying everyday to just be strong
but girl i must amit that your'll alot bigger through
and i dont come from here cause im a single man
but girl im so confused what is a man to do
im going to miss you


baby i miss you
i really miss you 'baby lets just see if you missed me

i'm really going to miss you
im really going to miss

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