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[Jamie Foxx:] Haha
[Commentary:] Ladies and gentlemen, Willie Beamen has done it again...
[Foxx:] Gotta get to work, that's right, you know, come on, come on, you know my name.
My name is Willie... Willie Beamen,
I keep the ladies... cream-in',
And all my fans... are screa-min'
You gon' defeat me? You drea-min'.
Uh, wild style, profile, Willie Beamen got the ladies in the stand smilin'.
Why? Getting down to the nitty gritty, makin' them all feel so they get me.
Uh, shakin' like getting they shirt [?]
Who is that rockin' the spot? It's Willie Beamen.
Who is that keepin' it hot? I'm Willie Beamen.
Who is that bringing the pain? It's Willie Beamen.
Got the ladies screaming my name (the bitches screamin')
[Chorus with variations]

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