Jamie Foxx - Wedding Vows (The Day I Married An Angel, Fancy's Song) Lyrics

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[Verse 1:]
Well Its Been Five Years
Cant Hold Back My Tears
Cause Im Just Sooohhh Happy
Im Marrying An Angel Today
As I Take Your Hand
I Plegde To Be Your Man
I Vow To Love To Hold To Cherish
And Never Disrespect The Love That We Share
[Verse 2:]
I'll Be Honest I Cannot Lie There'll Be Real Days
There'll Be Some Bad Times
I'll Be Standing Right Beside Ya
My Sweet Baby With My Love Of Mine Oohhhhhohhhhhh
[Verse 3:]
As You Take This Ring
And I Place It On Yo Sweet And Lovely Hand
We Show Our Kids
They Will Tell Their Kids
What Mom And Daddy Did
On The Day I Married My Angel
(I Love My My Aaangelll)
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