Jason Aldean Even If I Wanted To Lyrics

Artist: Jason Aldean
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group, Roba Music
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Length: 4:11

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I'm on the brink
I can barely think
With all of these thoughts
Running through my head
Wonderin' if I did you wrong
No way, I did you wrong

Every night, I try to justify
All the angry things I said
Oh but I can't take 'em back
No I can't do that
I was wrong, oh but now you're gone

I can't hide what I feel inside
And just stop lovin' you
Even if I wanted to
I can't hold on
But lettin' go
Is something I can't do, is something I can't do
Even if I wanted to

All the times I sat and watched you cry
When I should have held you close
Made sure that you know
How much I cared
But I was never there
I was wrong
And now you've moved on


Even if I wanted to


Even if I wanted to
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