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Album: Track 7 on Wide Open
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On my highway the yellow lines,
Have disappeared from time to time,
And I've wound up on the wrong side of the road.
On my highway I've gone to fast,
Afraid that I might finish last,
I hooked a curve too hard and lost control,
Oh I never know which way it's gonna go.

But what a feeling chasing the sun,
Living my life like it's shot from a gun,
Laughing a little bit more with every mile.
Oh what a freedom racing the wind,
Dying to know what's around the next bend,
And smiling as I watch the years roll by.
I'm learning how to take it day by day on my highway.

On my highway I missed some signs,
And left a damn good love behind,
I see her in my rear view like a ghost.
On my highway I've broken down,
And cried when no one else was around,
And prayed that God would save my soul,
Yeah I've paid a lot of heavy tolls.


Yeah yeah,
What a feeling out on the run,
Drinking up the rain soaking up the sun,
Laughing a little bit more with every mile.
Oh what a freedom like a sail in the wind,
Not looking back, not forgetting where I've been
Smiling as I watch the years roll by,
I'm moving on from my mistakes,
And I'm learning how to take it day by day,
On my highway.
Oh oh yeah.

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