Jason Michael Carroll - We Threw It All Away Lyrics

Artist: Jason Michael Carroll Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Growing Up Is Getting Old
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I think honesty is right think lying is wrong.
I think willy and haggard wrote some awful good songs.
I think god rides around with the radio on in a ragged ole truck just like mine.
I don't think it's as bad as the newspaper says.
I think vegas is rigged but then I wouldn't bet on these theories
And thoughts rollin' round in my head
Cause they change and they turn on a dime.

But I know there's a sun and at night there's a moon.
I get cold in December and sunburned in June.
This ole world keeps turnin'
Time it ain't moving it's slow!
There's a woman that loves me like nobody can.
She's my reason for livin' the reason I am
The luckiest man in the world.
And that's all I know.

I think taxes are high think politics stink.
But old uncle Sam don't give a damn what I think.
And I don't believe worms aughta be in a drink
But I swallowed once on a dare.
Think there's only one Beatles and Elvis is dead.
And I don't believe half of the stuff we been feed
From the spoons in the hands of those ole talkin' heads
I'm not even sure that I care.


I've got a family that loves me like nobody can.
They're my reason for livin' the reason I am
The luckiest man in the world
I'm the luckiest man in the world!
And that's all I know.
That's all I know
That's all I know!!

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