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Anything you gotta pay
You throw it on your floor
Fill it up, just pour it out
Your newly opened door
Deep inside your heart
Thrash around inside you

You're selling me a boomerang
I want your head up on a pole
I want to raise your hate
Watch your head up on a pole
What's the point of agony?
No money, I can't stand it
If you'd just accept the pain
One fantastic planet

Push it
Pull out
Push out
Pull it down

I am in pieces
I have come unglued
You took a chunk of me with every bad mood
The wounds are deep
They may never heal
You wanna know
Pain's so real


Fantastic death
Fantastic death
....... agony
Got another fatal ....
If you want to hide your ...
Just keep it from the plane
Go ahead but keep in mind
It burns just the same

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