Jawbreaker - In Sadding Around Lyrics

Artist: Jawbreaker Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
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Sleeping off the last five years takes another five. Recovery in lieu of being
here right now. When I throw myself at your feet, you know it's to be walked
on. We're breaking up every single night. If I had a choice don't you think
I'd make it? I lost my voice. I hope I didn't break it. Little demons by my
bed whisper secrets. The kind you never hear. I dip my toe in this cold, cold
life. I want to dive but I can't find your feet. You with a view so unlike my
own. I'm trying on your eyes. So I let go, fall to the ground. It's a long
way down again. Petty cons keep peeling back my ears. We make plans.
Collaborate and give to you my better half. Until now just dead weight, a
prisoner of doubt. In a cell we kiss and tell all our keepsakes. Sore, hit the
floor. Got my first glimpse of the sky. The stars were on your side. Who
would've thunk the thirteenth fell on Friday? I say hello and it's goodbye

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