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Back-back in my
Pa-passenger side
Let me remind you of the days that you forgot to listen
Remember back when I was broke and without a business
I used to drop you home and leave you from a distance
Cos your family didn't like the fact that I was so different
You had a lot of friends, some of them got a Benz
You had a whole lotta wander, just never had that
But I had something they could only ever dream of
Cos I had you, and that's all that mattered then
We had that real shit, you still go way back
Yeah it made me bad
And now I'm speeding past you in a Lamborghini
Oh you fucking gotta see me
Wish I never had these feelings
Girl I swore I just saw you
Passing me´╗┐ by, passing me by, pa-passing me by
Caught a glimpse of you from the corner of my eye
It used me driving that ride
And it used be you by my side
I'd do anything just to have you back in my
Ba-back in my
Pa-passenger side

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