Jeff Bates He Wasn't Like Us Lyrics

Artist: Jeff Bates
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We didn't know for sure but everybody said
That ol' boy ain't right in the head, he's a little slow
We'd hide in the bushes not making a sound
When he'd walk by we'd push him down on that dirt road
I was just as guilty as my friends, we had a lot of laughs at his expense
He wasn't like us, he wasn't cool,
He'd just smile all the while
We were being cruel
He stood out, he didn't fit in
We just kept throwin the stones
No,we didnt let up on him
He never said a mean word
No, he never even made a fuss
He wasn't like us

Later on he made a name in our town for hanging out
And runnin around with the rough crowd
They were boozers & loosers & low class broods
But he saw good in them that no one else saw
Then the rumors started flyin that he was some kind of Holy Man
But we set them straight & told him to his face he was a crazy man

But I remember the day he got introuble with the law
They cussed Him & kicked Him & mocked Him & whipped Him
Then they nailed Him to the cross

He wasn't like us, He didn't fit in
And I fell down on my knees & wept for Him
He never said a mean word
No, He never even made a fuss
He never did nothing wrong
All He ever did was love
He wasn't like us
He wasn't like us

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