Jeff Scott Soto - Beginning 2 End Lyrics

Artist: Jeff Scott Soto Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Lost in the Translation
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Tears in your eyes like a diamond on your face
Leaving behind all the memories you've embraced
It's all so uneasy, this fear of being on your own
It's all the illusion of being alone
The only solution is 2 hold your head up high
Sad's the emotion u must fight
Though time is upon us
We don't have 2 say goodbye
Instead there's tomorrow we'll see u again
Through all the confusion
We won't ever say goodbye
We'll see u 2morrow, beginning 2 end
Where are u now, have u finally found your way?
Do u still remember all the things u tried 2 say?
Now all the expressions are blowing in the wind
& all of your feelings are strangers within
But dont u surrender, dont u ever shed a tear
Love survives
Now don't u surrender, dont u ever shed a tear
Love survives

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