Jefferson Starship - Find Your Way Back Lyrics

Artist: Jefferson Starship Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Modern Times
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since I packed up and left on my own
and I carry a heavy load
just try 'n' get back to her heart

I sure ain't got no home
I seem to find love where i ramble
and when it's time to go
I hear that voice again... say'n'

find your way back...
find your way back to her heart
find your way back...
find your way back to her heart

leave a message with the rain
you can find me where the wind blows
the snow across the pain
and the frost upon the heart

(you got no place to be
still you wonder where you're goin')
and why I had to leave
I hear a voice and it says to me


I know it's too late now
but, I wish I could go back in time
and start all over somehow
and get it right from the start


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