Jennifer Brown - Daddy's Gone Lyrics

Artist: Jennifer Brown Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Vera
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She was only 16, didn't know the first thing about life.
Just tryin' to do right and just doin' her Momma wrong.
And her Daddy walked out, he was talked out, no more hangin' about.
Tryin' to keep his happy face on, guess Papa ain't that strong.

And he left his little girl in the middle of the night.
She was calling out his name after hearing them fight.

Daddy's gone, Daddy's gone, movin' on.
Leavin' Momma at home.
He found another woman.
Now he's gone.
Daddy's gone.

Leaving a legacy of love gone wrong.
When she turned 21,
she found the big city life and the neon lights,
and drinkin' it up 'til dawn.

Met her boyfriend Bill, who couldn't sit still,
put her on the pill.
And still she would wake up alone,
who can run away from home.

Bill was calling up his girl in the middle of the night.
Said, I'm not your old man who ain't doin' you right.


At the age of 65, she was the single mother of nine.
Every now and then she would praise her Momma to the Lord.
With tears in her eyes,
She'd remember that night after hearing them fight.

She would never trust a man, no, never again.
With the graying in her hair and the wisdom of age.
She would try to forgive the man no one could save.
No one could save her.


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