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Like a movie scene,
In the sweetest dreams,
Have pictured us together
Now to fell your lips,
On my finger tips,
I have to say is even better
Than i ever thought it could possibly be
Its perfect, its passion, its setting me free
From all of my sadness,
The tears that i've cried, I have spent all my life

Waiting for tonight, Oh
When you would be here in my arms
Waiting for tonight, Oh
I've dreamed of this love for so long
Waiting for tonight

Tender words you say,
Take my breath away,
Love me now, leave me no never
Found a sacred place, lost in your embrace,
I want to stay in this forever
I think of the days when the sun used to set,
On my empty heart,
All alone in my bed
Tossing and turning emotions were strong, I knew I had to hold on

[Chorus: x2]

Gone are the days when the sun used to set,
On my empty heart all alone in my bed
Tossing and turning,
Emotions were strong
I knew I had to hold on


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