Jens Lekman - I Saw Her in the Anti-War Demonstration Lyrics

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you're looking for me in the demonstration
well I have already lost patience
and you might find me sitting by the pavement
or maybe not, 'cause I have shrunk
I fell in love with a punk and she took my breath
now there's nothing left
of blood enough to feed a family
well I just wanna feed Emily
with lukewarm English beer and vegan pancakes
I saw her in the anti war demonstration
it was a sweet sensation of love
when I was sixteen I hang out with the kids who liked it
the kind of punks that were born in leather jackets
the kind of punks who placed themselves in brackets
and she was one of them, back then she was somebody's girlfriend
and I was noone, I had nothing
and the skies, were clear blue skies
and her eyes, were clear blue eyes
and her thighs, were about the same size as mine
and we were walking in the anti war demonstration
it was a sweet sensation of love, of love
it was a sweet sensation of love,

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