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Blind girl I missed you
I missed you so much
I've been sending letters, trying to call you
But I can't seem to get in touch
I bet your mom and dad was scared of me
Or maybe they just care about their dollars
I think back upon summer camp
And I think I wanna show you more colours
Here's white, here's black
Here's the colour of my heart as I'm starting to crack
Deep red, dark blue
I think I'm in love with you
(think I'm in love with you)
Blind girl I wish you were here
I wish we come closer
I wish you had met my family
My mom and Bulldozer
I think upon summer camp
On New Year's eve, when we danced
And I could sit and watch my life go by
Where I could take a tiny chance, 'cause
Someday I'll be stuffed in some museum
Scaring litte kids
With the inscripture "carpe diem"
Something I never did
But can you remember how we rode shiny horses
And we set courses for the sky and the ocean
And I tried to explain it to you
But it was too huge
Blind girl I miss you
Blind girl I miss you
Blind girl I miss you

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