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Album: Track 6 on When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog
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oh silvia, I was dancing to Michael Jackson
oh silvia, when I heard your german accent
oh silvia, and I went down on my knees for her majesty
your royal highness
is that how you shall be adressed
oh her highness, I'm always at your service
oh her highness, will you listen when I now confess
I've been hurting again, a cold black diamond
the same kind of pain that I had when I was seven
do you remember when I shook your hand
oh silvia, I took my bike to the cemetery
oh silvia, and I claimed my territory
oh silvia, smoked a cigarette
blew smoke rings in the face of death
and this town will be cold when it gets hit by a comet
by the harb we found a boat with your name written on it
and I had blood in my mouth when I spit
oh silvia
oh her highness, I heard you say in some interview
that feminism was something that didn't suit you
a lack of interest perhaps
or maybe your just stupid and inbreed
but I still remember when I saw you as a godness
your picture on my wall, so gentle and modest
do you see these tears in my face
I thought we had a deal
that the one who falls from grace
would be the one to kneel
now it's just you and me, Silvia
don't shed no useless tears
oh silvia, no one will care in a hundred years
no one will ever forget your name
they'll look after your grave
but it's not the same, you say
now it's just you and me, Silvia
it's just you and me
it's just you and me

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