Jeremy Camp - No Matter What Lyrics

Artist: Jeremy Camp Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Beyond Measure
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I know that every time I find the one thing that holds me back inside I want to tear apart And bring my selfish pleasures at your feet Every part of me is an offering, I will set forth and lay it down at your throne Because I live for you alone [CHORUS] No matter what it takes I will offer, Everything I am I give to you Even unto death I will follow, No matter what the price I will give to you now I won't throw this time I have aside, Your the very prize I have in sight, You've placed this purpose down in me, And it burns so deep Let this life I lead bring you all the glory, I'm entrusted with a gift that I can't hide Revive my heart, revive my mind To live is to really die I will keep this steady pace, Until that final day

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