Jerry Lee Lewis I Believe in You Lyrics

Artist: Jerry Lee Lewis
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group, SHELBY SINGLETON MUSIC INC
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Length: 2:35

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Well I heard the other day
From some people who passed this way
They were saying you were untrue
I love you baby, no matter what you do
They say you'll leave me
And I'm just a fool
All I'll ever be is your footstool
But I believe, oh honey right now
I believe in you

Oh yeah, now, they say you're bad, so bad
But you're the best girl old Jerry ever had
Love me and leave me, that's what they say
I love you baby, yeah, come what may
They say you'll leave me and it won't be long
I'm gonna wake up one morning
Lord, I'm gonna find you gone
But I believe, oh honey, honey right now
I believe in you

Oh yeah!

Well they say you're just plain bad
Well honey, I say this, you're the best girl that I ever had
Oh don't leave me, don't leave me, honey
They say you'll soon be gone, that's what they say
Oh I'll love you, baby, yeah, come what may
Honey, I want you to hang around here and be with old Jerry just one more day
'Cause I believe, oh, I believe
I believe in you
Yes, I believe
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