Jesca Hoop - Havoc in Heaven Lyrics

Artist: Jesca Hoop Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Kismet
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Red ribbon on witch we ride carry us over hori- zon as the sun setting night puts on a phantom cloak sing voilet light and evoke the protection that violet emotes fasten your fo- cus on your sole cause is your fruit and flowers on red ribbon swift justice comes delivery white bone demon ohhh ohhh begun the havoc in heavan deep deep deep in the green sea there is a weapon for me a pin that is fixing the sea a pillar gold shiny and if I can pull it free the kudjel is coming with me Fasten heave ho pillar of gold runs through the deepest darkest stone kudjel undone weighing one ton begun the havoc in heavan ohhh ohhh begun the havoc in heavan don't believe your eyes when the maiden does arrive you fool she is the enemy do not trust the guise of a woman old and wise for truly she is the white bone demon Dance makaku's (monkeys) round the fire warrior drums banchee cryers call to them visions of her piar fulled by the demons throne we shall subdue her to bone and ashes to ashes her home fasten your fo- cu
s on your sole cause is your fruit and flowers home and in one blow I smite down my fo and ashes to ashes welcome home ohhh ohhh begun the havoc in heavan (Thanks to Clark for these lyrics)

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