Jesca Hoop - Intelligentactile 101 Lyrics

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Album: Track 8 on Kismet
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Can i borrow your bones and marrow till i get my own lovely lovely lovely bones till i get my own i won't tell me new friends that they're on loan they won't know it's no smart thing to do when you're far from home can i borrow your skin blushin to get lucky in lucky lucky lucky with a special friend well i hear that on planet earth that it's a sing big sin well all the more fun for me to get lucky then ohhh i'm gonna be a baby girl a round ticket to a blue planet flip a uueyy at mars ohhh i'm gonna swim in the water first blowin up her belly though she didn't plan it i took the invitation when she rocked the hammock pullin all the wild cards and now i'm swinging from the stars from an umbilical chord from an umbilical chord feels like i've been here before on my tongue on my tongue i put your fingers on my tongue i want some intelligent tactile when foreign play things come i'm gonna study em with my tongue i want some intelligantactile 101 can i borrow your hips and your lips and your wink and curl is
i is or is i ain't one flossy girl i'm gonna paint that planet red cuz i'm in the world in the world and leave a trail of kisses when my loves unfurled will you steady my ground dizzy ground when i'm turned around dizzy dizzy dizzy ground when i'm lost you'll found well i'm headed to planet earth to seach the sound deep sound so keep my compass wound when i'm on the ground ohhhh i'm gonna be a baby girl... from an umbilical chord... on my tongue...

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