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Album: Track 5 on Kismet
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Money money makes the world go round money money'll make you change your sound if the price is right if the price is right if you want paper if you want gold and silver learn now not later people pay for what's familiar no need to know yourself too well you can trade in that saga you tell for the song you know will sell if you want cheddar if you want smoke and roll better take off your sweater to earn your varsity letter it's a virgin feast for all see how gracefully they fall into the mirrors on the wall cuz if you want to belong you write a sing-a-long (chorus) where do we go the freaks on the fringe when the edges are all rounded out we just dangle out in space you can call us when you need to find out what the real stars are all about time has turned and the scenery has changed and all the books have burned but the lyrics remain let the motherfucker burn let's change the refrain nobody need history repeatin tin tin tin tin (chorus) if you want skrilla if you're a cheddar gorilla stack up your bil
ls as you sign away your free will there's no need to represent the truth of self has now been spent moving from mortgage out of rent cuz if you want to belong you write a sing-a-long: (chorus)

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