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Artist: Jesca Hoop Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Kismet
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Once my love stood still like a stagnant well for so long, you could hear the song of spiders - strumming fibers calling her to the web my river sits in ebb the little ones lean over - laughter echoes bounce down the dark until it hits the floor singin come on baby come on child - call your flo like a seed of wonder - faith of mustard o yeah, wo yeah all is dark - all of the light is vanished it is gone like something large hovering high has covered up the sun and something quiets the silken ringing something breaks the strum... a wish has finally come ah oh ah no ah - all i want is to be writing to be writing once that wish did land like a star in my hand - it burned and it burned and it burrowed in soar through the source searching - hammer and ping and tapped my virgin spring - and prime the vein with milk of mother and wet my river bed pearls strung up on silk thread - the starry one - beams a light he's working under - diggin through the dark gatherin particles findin everything you ever wished for i
n your soul like a seed of wonder faith of mustard ah no ah no ahhhno finally that tapped spring come runnin like a river my song it came - ahh eeeyeah ohoo noooay right away i went writin i went writin right away i was hummin i was hummin right away i was singin i was singin right away i was lovin - and goes something like... light... i haven't always been under such a blue - only you have seen such stormin in my life

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