Jessica Folcker - How Will I Know (Who You Are) Lyrics

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I don't know how
Or where to start
Here we're standing again
And I see now
From where we are
That our road has come to an end
Though we've come this far
I don't know why
But I still can't see who you are

I don't want you to cry
Don't want us to say goodbye
But I know that we're falling apart
I don't need your lies
And if you don't sympathise
Tell me how will I know who you are

It's too late now
We've gone this far
To see what's hidden within
Though we said that we'd never part
Maybe I've been trying too hard

To believe in love
I don't know why
But I still can't see who you are


Don't worry
I promise
It's for the better
So, I think we should let it go now
And maybe we'll find love again

Chorus (repeat)

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