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you flash a smile,
you think I’ll fall ?
you push me back against the wall ?
the time has come to pay or play ?
but I slip away
do you want to touch me now?
* Like that, like this *
do you hunger for my kiss?
* My neck, my mouth *
I’ve been down and all around ?
* you know you do *
it’s a game you’re gonna lose ?
’cause, baby, when you
look straight into my eyes ?
I’ve got you with a
spell, you’re hynotized ?
don’t try to run away
or tell me your lies ?
so, baby, give in
’cause I’m a snake charmer ?
try to pretend
you’re chill, so cool ?
inow k type, I’m not a fool ?
you only want what you can’t get ?
no, no, not yet
do you want to touch me now?

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