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How can I, how can I breathe?
How can I, how can I breathe? yeah

I'm breakin down a little,
I'm throwin in the towel,
Need you to get me off the ground

You're sayin that its over, and we can't be together, but I really need you around

Could you stay a minute? And don't you let go, of me, you take my breathe away, oh,I don't wanna be left on my own like this
I'm breathless

Now I can't even breathe,
I'll give you all of me, but you wanna be free
You're killing me softly, breathe
Without you there's no need, so how can I breathe?
You're all the air I need, so let me breathe

How can I, how can I breathe?
How can I, how can I breathe? yeah

Was I supposed to know, you're leaving me alone?
When you already been this way

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