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You're taking chances.
And your reputation's going down.
Going out in the night-time.
You think you make no sound.
But you don't fool me.
Cause I know what you feel.
If you ignore the things I say
Someday soon's gonna find you
Way down on Beggar's Farm.

I pay my money for no returns.
I think I need you.
Going to find someone.
Oh, you don't fool me.
Cause I know what you feel.
When you go out I ask you why.
And I won't worry when I see you lying
Down on Beggar's Farm.

When you run to me, going to turn away.
Won't even listen when you try to say
That you were only fooling around
Cause I know what you feel.
But if you ask me nicely, woman
I'll wake up early one day soon and
I'll visit you down on Beggar's Farm.

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