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and we lay together on the summerday sands.
I gave her my raincoat and told her, ``Lady, be good!''
And we made truth together, where no one else would.

I smiled through her fingers and ran the dust through her hands ---
the hour-glass of reason on the summerday sands.

We sat as the sea caught fire.
Waited as the flames grew higher
in her eyes.
We watched the eagle born ---
wings clipped, tail feathers shorn
but we saw him rise ---
over summerday sands.

Came the ten o'clock curfew.
She said, ``I must start my car.
I'm staying with someone I met last night in a bar.''
I called from my wave top ---
``At least tell me your name!''
She smiled from her wheelspin
and said, ``It's all the same.''
I thought for a minute, jumped back on dry land ---
left one set of footprints on the summerday sands.

I once met a girl with life in her hands
and we lied together on the summerday sands.

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