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Artist: Jewel Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Perfectly Clear
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I haven't been out lately
There's too much going on
My friends say I'll go crazy
"Go get out and have some fun"
So I put on my best dress
I confess felt good I gotta say
When I stepped into the dance floor
What I saw took my breath away

Anyone but you
Anyone but you
Was hoping I would run into
Anyone but you

Through the smoke and neon
I saw you look my way
Here come those same old feelings
I thought had gone away
But I know that I am strong
And as the night draws on
Should you ask to take me home
I'm sure that I'll say no


I'd like to fall into your arms
With all your charms
But we both know how that would end
It would end with me crying
And you leaving again

Oh anyone but you
Anyone but you
I was hoping I would run into
Was hoping I would run into

Anyone but you

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