Jewel One True Thing Lyrics

Artist: Jewel
Publishers: ©EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., DOWNTOWN MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC
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Length: 4:13

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Everyday I turn on the evening news
And I gotta tell ya
I think the whole world's goin' crazy
Everytime I turn around someone is selling somethin' new
It's gettin so bad, I don't believe anything anyone tells me
But baby you have the most honest eyes
Maybe you're the peice I'm missing in my life

I'm lookin' for one true thing
One true thing that I can believe in
Searchin' for one real love
All my life I have been waitin'
For one thing that's true
Could it be you?

Seems like everytime that I'm walking' down the street
No one even looks me in the eye
Everyone's got an angle
Everyone's got agendas and a secret to keep
And that is the one thing on which you can rely
But when you look at me I think I see somethin' new
Tell me baby, can I put my faith in you?


So tell me before I go too far
Tell me now before I give you my heart
I'm lookin' for one real love, all my life
I have been waitin'


Could it be you?
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