Jewel - Two Become One Lyrics

Artist: Jewel Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Perfectly Clear
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I watch you while you're sleeping
Messy hair, chest bare
Moonlight on your skin
I wanna breathe you in
In the silence words come easy
I can tell you now just how simple it's been
To let you in
Don't move this mood is a painting
We'll never find the same thing

Love do not make a sound
Melt into me now
Two become one

Love is so close to hurting
With a shake we could wake
From our own dreaming
We must make a vow
'Cause I have waited a lifetime
Now is the right time


Like a bird owns it's wings
Like song belongs to melody
You belong to me
I fold your arms around me
Let you flesh, your breath, your love surround me
Oh you feel like home


Oh let's make time stand still
Let this moment last until
Two become one

Oh oh oh oh
Become one [Repeat x2]

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