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I remember

Like lightning to the heart,

I saw things clearer.

The day you came inside,

I felt brand new,

So what am i to do now?

Well you don’t have to say it,

Cuz I can read your mind.

You do not have to stay here

If you don’t have the time.

And if you must go, just know I gave you my whole world,

Trusted & loved you, must’ve been cuz I’m a crazy girl.

Yea you really took things to far….

And there are some things that you should know….

My mama was a gypsy,

My daddy was a rollin’ stone.

I wonder did he miss me….cuz he was never home.

So I thought you would, I thought you could,

Be the one (I never really knew love)

So I thought you would, I thought you could

Be the one (But already knew love)

From a beautiful woman and your beautiful child,

Left me in beautiful ruins, instead of pullin’ me out.

So I think I should, I think I’ll just walk away…

From the beautiful moments we made,

From the beautiful ruins you made here

What a beautiful woman you’ve made of me.

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