Jim Reeves - Across the Bridge Lyrics

Artist: Jim Reeves Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on We Thank Thee
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I have lived a life of sin in this world I'm living in
I have done forbidden things I shouldn't do
I asked a beggar along the way he could tell me where to stay
Where I could find real happiness and love that's true
Across the bridge there's no more sorow across the bridge there's no more pain
The sun will shine across the river and you'll never be unhappy again
[ organ ]
Follow the footsteps of the King till you hear the voices ring
They'll be singing out the glory of the land
The river Jordan will be near the sound of trumpet you will hear
And you'll behold the most precious places ever known to man
Across the bridge there's no more sorow...
Across the bridge there's no more sorow...

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