Jimmy Eat World - Firefight Lyrics

Artist: Jimmy Eat World Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Chase This Light
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This is where our diligence has lead
The waves roll in to claim our patient steps
Can we become more than just ourselves?
And leave the sand, I wonder will I doubt

It's firefight, I won't run
They're spitting spite all through my blood
For you and me, there's nowhere left to hide
Except you and me, there's no one else alive

This is now the moment after next
All these silver eyes of the temptress
Why open the door if you won't go?
Don't ask twice if you don't wanna know


Is there an answer?
If it's an honest one, honestly worth this question
There's no question
The city has no limits
I am who I wanna be, but you could be anything
Just be anything here with me
Endless quotes and with the secondhand
If you let go then that's where time will stand

[Chorus x2]

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