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[Verse 1: JoJo]
I live in this fantasy
Where everything is amplified
Senses hiding in a flash
And everything just comes alive
This pressure all inside of me
Is sexual anxiety

[Hook: JoJo]
Baby there’s a lot of freaky shit
Running in my mind that I can’t say
But I know I can demonstrate
And I can let my body explain
I know
I can demonstrate so I’mma make
It simple and plain
You just need to come over
I can let my body explain
I can just demonstrate

[Verse 2: JoJo]
I’m arrested by the night
And only you can set me free
Guilty, but I’m not ashamed
I’m exactly where I want to be, yeah
I leave the door, open wide
In hopes that you will sneak inside

[Hook: JoJo]

[Hook: JoJo]
I’m thinking, come over, come over
Come over, I’m thinking
Come over, come over, I’m thinking

[Hook: JoJo]

[Outro: JoJo]
Come over
I can let my body explain
So I can demonstrate
Come over, ah

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