Joe Jackson - The Uptown Train Lyrics

Writer(s) : JACKSON, JOE
Artist: Joe Jackson Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Rain
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If I stop and think about it
I'm either stone cold certain
Or more inclined to doubt it
But when you jump into the darkness
Well, I take off my hat

You've changed, they say
You can know when to play or to hold
And they think they can show all that glitters is gold
And they don't care to go where you go
'Cause they know you're insane
When you change to the uptown train

Well, I knew that you were trouble
You were a ten time loser
Or maybe even double
But you pulled some kind of rabbit
From your lil' hippie hat

You've changed, they say
Take it slow when you're breaking the mold
Got to pay what you owe or be out in the cold
And they don't care to know what you know
Or to go through the pain
To change to the uptown train

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