Joey Albert It's Over Now Lyrics

Artist: Joey Albert
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You, you turned and walked away
I didn't know what to say
I close my eyes to hide
The pain I felt inside.
I could never understand
How love went out of hand
And now there's nothing
I can do...
Though the feeling hasn't passed
Sad to say our love didn't last
Please don't ask me to pretend
'Coz I know it's over.
When I'm done forgetting you
You can say what you wanted to
But please don't ask me to pretend
'Coz I know it's over now...
Now, I'm left here all alone
A love without a home
How can I ever found the love
I left behind.
Once, the love was ours to share
Now you don't even care
And there's still nothing
I can do...
Repeat Chorus
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