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Got your eyes open, but you cannot see
Got what you want, do you got what you need?
The one day you see something you cannot bear
Telling you girl, yes you better beware
Her papa loved her so much you could see
Loved her too much if you know what I mean
So, she left home young,
Yeah she moved town to town
Looking for love that she never found

She played it hard and yes she played it rough
Made her feel safe and it made her feel tough
And rock by rock she built those walls everyday
Built herself a tower so far away
And from up high in that castle
She knew no one could get too close to touch
And if life and death were such a game
Why did they all make such a fuss?
And if birds could fly high over their troubles
She gonna find some of her own wings and fly
And no one could convince or pay her double
Or tell her she was too young to die

Oh Caroline, Caroline

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