John Denver A Little Further North Lyrics

Artist: John Denver
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Album: Track 6 on The Flower That Shattered the Stone
Length: 6:07

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The sun sinks behind me in the west
This is the time of day I love best
Salt breezes murmur through the coconut palm
As the colors change, they set a scene of tropic calm

Seagulls headed back to land
Over the mangrove and the salt pan
By a lazy creek with a six pack and a fishin' line
Win back some memories and losin' track of time

I head a little further north each year
Leave the cities behind; out of sight, out of mind
Up where my troubles can all disappear
I head a little further north each year

Feeling the night wrap around me
Eases my mind's serenity
Ocean waves are hummin' on the outer reef
These balmy days and sultry nights are a welcome relief

[Chorus x 3]
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