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How can I be you, How could've been.
I would like to start over again.
Entrust that i failed ya with my fault
What are we what's Cause of it all.
It's been a loooooong time.
Of getting out of myself.
Now that I'm here I find.
That what keeps alive.

It's all you're
It's all I've

Heee yaaaa
Heee yaaaa

How can I get just one more chance.
I see you in pain and I wish I had.
The ability to be your man?
That ones told me that that would come the past.

Now i know to be careful.
What I don't believe.
Cause that faith keeps on ...
Right out of my reach
What's good for you. Is good for me too.
Do you hear i'm here for you now
I'm here for you now

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