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John Pizzarelli Lullaby Lyrics

Artist: John Pizzarelli Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on After Hours
Length: 1:55

I wrote this song because of you,
For all the things I meant to do,
Lullaby, help me try to tell her,
We were a star, we had it all,
But even shooting stars must fall,
Lullaby, tell me why,
Oh so many times I tried to say those things I felt inside.
But words would hide from me,
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But there will come a time, when these words I say in rhyme,
Will hold you in a whisper and that whisper will be mine,
So if you listen you will hear a laughing smile, a silent tear,
And when you hear these words you'll know it is true,
I wrote this Lullaby for you.
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