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Past Loves always left me so dismayed, just a sad charade, I withdrew,
Feelings were something oh so coutefeit,
I was longing exquisite and true blue,

Then you walked in and much to my surprise
I couldn't keep my eyes off of you,
All my blues were soon departed,
My heart outsmarted was beating anew,
Every single dream became roses and clover,
Every single scheme was I must win you over,
Now every single day is filled with the feeling,
No more I'll be concealing, your heart I'll be a stealing,

So, let's swim and sun, sing and dance a lot,
I'll be Lancelot, you'll be you,
I have found a world I never knew, the day that I found you,

Now, every cloudy day just cannot change this phonetic,
Can I be more emphatic, my heart is so ecstatic,
So come along and be my pollywog,
Oh when you kiss this frog you know it all came to,
I have found a world I never knew,
From just the vibrant voodoo that you do,
I found true love the day that I found you.

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