John Vanderslice - Promising Actress Lyrics

Writer(s) : Vanderslice, John
Artist: John Vanderslice Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Cellar Door
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In the seconds between the safety unlocks and the shot,
The story is clear of distortions and tears and you'll know why

we're on mulholland drive
Can you survive a look inside?

like a bomb in reverse, fragments of truth return:
The money's been paid out, the key's on the table
You've killed someone you used to love

yes I agree now, her story's a hoax
Recorded impulses laid, dubbed and cross faded,
It's just light replayed

still I ended on mulholland drive
Can you survive a look inside?

yes I can see now, they had nothing to do with a role refused
And sometimes a cowboy's just a man in a cowboy suit

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