Johnny Cash - Ringing the Bells for Jim Lyrics

Artist: Johnny Cash Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on The Christmas Spirit
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The father heard church bells at midnight a wrong time for church bells to chime
He went to the tower found a little girl there said why ring the bells at this time
I'm just ringing the bells for Jim please father ringing the bells for Jim
I'm sorry I'm cryin' but my brother Jim's dyin' so I'm ringing the bells for Jim
Please father pray for him this Christmas he's sick and he's in so much pain
The doctors all say he'll be gone any day so I must ring the bells again
I'm just ringing the bells...
[ ac.guitar ]
On the day after Christmas she brought him said father heed little Jim
You see he got well when he heard the church bells I was ringing the bells for Jim
I'm just ringing the bells...

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