The Ten Commandments Lyrics

Johnny Cash

writers: Lew Dewitt
album: Track 11 in album The Holy Land
release date: 1969-1
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genres: Non-Music Folk, World, & Country
styles: Country/Gospel/Religious/Spoken Word

Cover Art

Johnny Cash The Holy Land cover art
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Moses led God's children out to find the promised land
And on the way he'd stop each day and look to Heaven and
Asked God for help as he could not withstand the task alone
And then one day he looked away and thereby lay a stone
God said write upon this stone these words I say to you
And if you all obey my rules I'll see you safely through
God opened Heaven's door and then He guided Moses' hands
And then He said go and tell my children these are my commands
Go and climb that mountain Moses climb that mountain now and pray
Climb that mountain now and tell us what our Lord has had to say
Thou shalt have no Gods before me is my great command
And thou shalt not make any graven image by thy hand
Thou shalt not take my name in vain if thou would guiltless be
Remember thou to keep the sabbath day alone for me
Honor thy father and thy mother and thou shalt not kill
Thou shalt not commit adult'ry and thou shalt not steal
Love thy neighbor as thyself and show thy neighbor peace
Covet not thy neighbor's house nor anything that's his
Go and climb that mountain...
Moses showed these words of God to all the children then
They pulled up stakes and headed out to find the promised land
That Moses had described to them and told of comforts there
The children of oppression thought they'd not find anywhere
But they were soon to part from him and push alone awhile
For it was never meant for him to walk that final mile
The children cried if we must go on Moses without you
Then talk to God just one more time and tell us what to do
Go and climb that mountain...
Thou shalt have no Gods before me...

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