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Album: Track 10 on Jonas Brothers
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Take my hands tonight
We can run so far
We can change the world to anything we want
We can talk for hours just staring at the stars
They shine down to show us

That you know when the sun forgets to shine
I'll be there to hold you through the night
And we'll be running so fast we can fly tonight
And even when we're miles and miles apart
You're still holding all of my heart
I promise it will never be dark
I know we're inseparable

We could run forever if you wanted to
And I would not get tired
Because I'd be with you
I keep signing this song, til the very end
We have done all these things


I would give it up
To never let you fall
Because you know we're inseparable
I would give it all
Just to show you I'm in love
Yea you know we're inseparable


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