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Album: Track 7 on No Ordinary Girl
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Well I'm not the type
To hand my heart over
Thought I was stronger
So I'm wonderin' why
I can't shake this feeling
Look what you're doing to me

No I'm not the type, not the type
To move in too quickly
Whenever you're near me
I just can't deny
The way that I'm feeling
I don't know what happens to me
I get nervous, I get breathless
When you're here next to me and

Some people wait for a lifetime
To feel like this baby
They keep waiting
So lets take a chance
While it's here, while we can
We can make it
But don't keep me waiting for you

On you

Well, it's Friday night
I just tried to call you
I wonder where you are
Is everything alright
I wanna be with you
I wish I could reach you
I wish I could see you right now
I'm so anxious I don't wanna loose you
Or loose what we have cause


Some people wait
Thinking someday they'll find
Somethin' better
But I'm not afraid of making mistakes
So I'll, I'll take my chance

Some people wait for a life time
To feel like this baby
They keep waiting
So lets take a chance while it's here
We can make it
So don't keep me waiting


For you

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